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Internet and beyond. Pre-modern, post-human, para-academic.

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23:02:17 @   klangboten !addtarget take-over on facebok-event function 23:02:46 @   klangboten .make self-contained objectnetworks 23:03:42 @   klangboten an objectnetwork is an object containing information and a social network 3:04:12 @   klangboten it could be information about an event, but just as well information about a project to be done 23:04:40 @   klangboten this can roll around the net like a snowball and gather people objects and information 23:04:57 @   klangboten like that game…hmmm… 23:05:34 @   klangboten beutiful katamari! 23:05:37 @   klangboten that’s it 23:06:23 @   klangboten